Sexy Sex Temperature Play Using Just An Ice Cube

sex tips to keep it cool in the bedroom

Cool It Down With These Ice Tips


3 Ways To Add Temperature Play Into Your Sex Game

As I’m sure you’re quite aware, it’s fucking hot outside. At least here in Denver where the temperature has been in the steady high 90s for days now. Not only is it hot outside, it’s also hot inside for me anyway; we live in a house that has no AC. I currently have two fans blowing on me and I’m still so warm my brain is barely working. Of course, I am blaming the heat on my brain failure when the real reason my brain isn’t working is that I went too hard over the weekend with the drinking etc. Such is life.

Anyway, on to some sex stuff.

If you’re looking for ways to have sexy fun time but also keep your cool, I suggest embarking on some temperature play.

From toys to lube to towels, there are all sorts of things you can do for temperature play, whether you’re looking to heat it up or cool it down.

Since it’s 95 degrees here and everything is fire, here are 3 ways to cool it down in the bedroom with just an ice cube.

1.Ice, Ice Body
Take an ice cube and use it to outline your lover’s body. Pay careful attention to the erogenous zones like the nape of the neck, the nipples, the inside of the wrists, the back of the knee. Try blowing on the ice spots to create new types of sensations on the skin.

2. Cold As Ice Mouth Play

Put the ice cube in your mouth then kiss, suck, lick etc wherever you want on the body; move to the main event — the genitals — take it extra slow to create tension, chills, extremes in hot and cold.

3. The Thin Ice Shuffle
Move the ice cube from the mouth and slowly outline the vulva, insert it gently into the pussy or twirl it around the tip of the penis, move it down the shaft, circle to balls. Make each other gasp, cry out, shake.

Stay Crazy, Sexy, Cool my people.

Comment on your favorite temperature play moves below!


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