Tits Out Truth Bombs Tuesday: Yes You Can Have Period Sex

period sex and the benefits of free bleed

You + Her + Aunt Flo = Bloody Amazing Threesome


Ride the Red Sea Long and Hard

I no longer fuck people who can’t fuck people when they’re on their period.

If you’re afraid to fuck a woman when she’s bleeding all over the place, it’s my opinion that’s you’re afraid to live and you’re probably a piece of shit.

Dudes have no problem jizzing semen all over a woman’s face or tits or ass or inside her pussy. Jizz, you know, that sticky white stuff full of dead children (jk about the dead children part, that is not correct science). If motherfuckers are going to be cool with their jizz going all over the place, they’re going to be cool with blood leaking out of me. It’s only natural.

Here are some benefits of period sex.

Often women are hornier and more sensitive to touch etc. while on their periods. It’s a perfect time for some amazing banging sessions. There’s also proof that period sex helps to minimize cramps and can even help end the period a couple of days early. Plus it’s actually super enjoyable to let loose and make a mess everywhere (dicks do it pretty much every time they fuck without condoms).

If you’re afraid you’re going to ruin your 500 count Egyptian cotton sheets, put a fucking towel down like an adult (you’re an adult so if you have fancy sheets you probably have towels too). Here’s some you can buy off of Amazon right now. I think it’s way more fun to put down an old sheet, fuck on it, make it a major mess,  and then afterward bask in the beauty of some abstract sex art, but towel it up if you hate art I guess.


Based off of personal experience I’d recommend adding some weed to the mix too. It’s an additional element that will help with cramps but it will also enhance the sexual experience making it like OH MY FUCKING GGAAWWDD. I’ve heard there are some amazing weed lubes out there, but I have yet to try them. Comment below if you have, I’d love to know other people’s thoughts.

Motorhead - the Official Pleasure Collection

Anyone ever try a menstrual cup? You can get them off of Amazon. I have done this and have several very entertaining stories about my experiences. Perhaps one day I’ll share.

Lunette Menstrual Cup – Starter Kit – Violet Model 1 & Wash & Wipe 100 mL

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