Tits Out Truth Bombs Tuesday: Thic, Thicc, Thick, Thicker Women

thick women and the truth of the body

Gaining or Losing the Bullshit?


I Like Good Beer and My Hips Don’t Lie

I’ve always had a thick frame. Even at the thinnest I have ever been my hips stayed the same width because of my basic bone structure.

I have never been skinny. And I’ve never been fat in the classic definition of the word (fat prob if you are comparing me to models and actresses and Olympic athletes, sure).

Since I sprained my knee in March I’ve gained about 15 pounds. Granted prior to that spraining of the knee I was running 5-7 miles every other day, going to HIIT or Barre or hot Yoga on the others, so I had gotten rather buff and fit.

It’s weird now that I’ve lost it all so quickly, I’ve been contemplating for days which way I actually prefer.

I’m mostly concerned with FEELING good. Beer makes me feel good. So does running. And yes I can do both, but perhaps I do not need to either obsessively?!

People on the internet sure like to shout about body acceptance all the time. Even using the terms thic, thicc, thick, thicker etc. are a recent phenomenon in the way we speak about bodies. I’m talking specifically about the word itself and its positive connotations, whereas of course, “curvy” has been around for a while and my personal but underused favorite, “voluptuous,” which just sounds like something you’d can’t wait to take a juicy bite of.

Anyhoo. I guess I’m in this headspace battle between wanting to be one of those badass strong workout machine bitches and between wanting to be one of those beer-drinking wing-eating shit-talking thicc women. Yes, yes, it’s America, I can be both if I want to, but DO I want to is the thing?!

Mostly I want to sleep but since that doesn’t want to happen you all got to enjoy that.

Happy Tits Out Tuesday (if you haven’t watched the Youtube Video my tit finally actually pops out and I’m too lazy to edit it, so enjoy).

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