Tits Out Tips Out Tuesday: The Art of The Mouth Tease

the art of teasing

It Takes Two to Tongue Tango


Give Me Mouth-to-Mouth Real Slow Like

How good do you think you are at kissing?

I know that I used to kiss like a fish.

I know this because my first ever boyfriend decided to inform me of my sloppy wet mouth moves a few months after we parted ways.

Now, I have no problem with fish but I don’t care to kiss like one and I don’t like to be bad at things either, particularly sexually-related things (admittedly still bad at giving hand-jobs but I’ve accepted this). So, after he so kindly informed me about my level of lip skill ability (under the sea level it turns out) I went on a mission to become not just a good kisser but an EXCELLENT one.

Here’s the thing about mouth-to-mouth making out.

It requires more than just being a good kisser.

It requires being a good communicator AND being a good tease.

Here’s what I mean.

On Tongue Dancing and the Art of Mouth to Mouth Communication

I’ve made out with hundreds of people. Did they ALL think I was an excellent kisser?!

Yes. Because I am amazing.


Just kidding.

Kissing requires not just technical physical skill, but the ability to “dance like no one is watching.” Or if they are watching then you can do the tongue tango instead.

You are no longer communicating with words you are communicating with your physical mouth tongue body. That’s where passion and compassion come into the limelight. It’s where playfulness and desire get shown off. So, close your eyes and move to the rhythm of each other’s movements. Pay attention. Mirror actions. Nipple. Lick. Speed Up. Go deep. Go light. Tease.

The Easiest Way to Tease is Kind of Like a Red Light Special

We miss out on so much stuff when we go too fast. I’m not saying you have to practice mindfulness or take a ten-minute meditation break (but neither would be the worst idea). What I’m saying is that when you slow down you can better savor each other and the moment. So, pull back. Lean in again and just when you’re about to touch, pull back again. Build the intensity. Make it impossible to resist another moment without that connection.

Very few people actually enjoy the jackrabbit sex style and that includes making out with that sort of intensity. Sure, it’s hot to go hard, fast, deep, but it’s also hot to know when to ease up, put the other person on edge. Give them a taste. Back away give them a bit more, until they become addicted (or adDICKted, depending).

Good luck out there with your mouth-to-mouth make-out tease sessions. May we all kiss less like fish and more like sexy sex humans.

I hope you get to go eat a carrot today!

Happy Tits Out Tuesday.

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