Weird Sex Wednesday: What To Do When You Have So Much Sex and Your Pussy Gets Sore

what to do with a sore pussy

Is There Such Thing As Too Much Sex?


Sore After Sex? Here’s What to Do.

Because I write a sex blog I’d like to think that what I’ve been doing the last two weeks is basically research. I’ve been a bit MIA because research. Or I guess you could call it having a ridiculous amount of sex–so much sex that I’m sure I’m not walking right.

The guy is 6’7” and everything is proportionate if you get what I’m saying.

We’ve been having so much sex that I made him be my boyfriend so I could let him fuck me in the ass just to give my pussy some relief (you know, because of my ass-sex for boyfriends only rule).

Both of us work from home so it’s been kind of insane because we’ve been working from my bed, which has led to a lot of breaks from work. Or in my case, more research.

What I’ve discovered on this research experiment is that a person can indeed have too much sex. I didn’t think it was possible, at least for me. I have never in my life ever had too much sex and I’ve had A LOT of sex.

what to do with a sore pussy
Much excite!

Our biggest mistake is that we haven’t been using enough lube. If there’s too much friction it can cause tiny tears in the vaginal wall which can cause pain, particularly upon re-entry (the tears also leave your vagina more susceptible to infections–luckily I’m okay there so far). Also if the dick or dildo or whatever is too big it can hit the cervix, which will cause a different type of pain.

I’m currently in pussy-recovery mode. Here’s what I’m doing to help repair and ease the pain.

5 Suggestions to Help Ease After-Sex Pussy Pain

Lube– Before, During, and After

He no longer is allowed to stick it in without wetting it down first. And when I say wetting it down I mean with something other than just my own wetness. I’m talking about good ole lube. We were using Sliquids Organic Water-Based but I recently switched over to Woo Lube. It’s made with coconut oil and I thought that might give my pussy some extra relief. I’ve also applied it after sex and thus far its helped make it feel better, though now my pussy smells like a cookie so who knows how long it will be until his mouth is over here on it.

Ice, Ice, Baby

Yep. I am serious. I’ve placed an ice-pack wrapped in a washcloth on my pussy to help the swelling go down. It’s cool. It’s real cool.

Pop It Like It’s Hot

Nothing says America like some good ole-fashioned pill-poppin! I already take a fuck-ton of ibuprofen because I grind my teeth while I sleep and usually get drunk, pass out and forget to put my mouthguard in (sexy, I know). Anyway, if you take it BEFORE the sex, it’s supposed to help with any pain you might experience after.

Go in Different Holes

I mean, we have a mouth and a butt for a reason.


Splish Splash

I’m getting ready to take an Epsom salt bath. I’ll probably throw some baking soda in the water too because my gyno told me it can help balance the pH and I might as well attempt balance in case it’s thinking about getting imbalanced.

So there you have it if your pussy is sore from having too much sex those are some of the different things you can do to help with the pain. Of course, you could also consider refraining from the sex until it feels better but I’m not going to tell you how to lead your life and I know I certainly am not going to stop (I’m also a masochist so there’s that).