Weird Sex Wednesday: Edible Anus, Angry White Male, and The Colt Manhole

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This Week on Weird Sex Wednesday


Exploring the Weird Side of Sex

The world of sex can be weird. Very weird indeed. Here I explore the weird world of food and sex, the weird position of the week, and a weird sex toy all dudes should try (and then tell me about later).

Weird Food Sex of the Week: The Edible Anus

eat a chocolate anus

I was eating breakfast when my roommate’s girlfriend came into the living room full of excitement. “I’ve got to show you this!” she said as she pulled out her phone. Seconds later there it was–The Edible Anus. “That’s fucking perfect for Weird Sex Wednesday,” I said.

So here we are… it’s true friends, you can now have your anus turned into pieces of chocolate or even get it turned into a silver or bronze replica if you want it to stick around and be admired longer.

The Edible Anus takes eating ass to a whole new level, the level of it actually tasting like chocolate instead of ass. Personally, both are good for different reasons so why not eat it all?! Plus it only cost $10… which is the part that makes me the most skeptical. It’s like the guy doing it probably has a fetish for this sort of thing (totally fine) and has made it affordable so he can see more ass. I mean, it’s cheaper to go and have a mold of your anus turned into chocolate than to go to a truffle store and buy a box off the shelf. Just saying, sometimes eating ass is the best thing you can do.

Weird Sex Position of the Week: The Angry White Male

sex position of the week
Whoa, there! Simmer down big boy…

This sure seems like the era of the angry white male. I mean, look at everything happening in the news. All the bad stuff that many of you have done is creeping up and out and finally coming back to get you. Things aren’t going your way and you’re upset about it. Welcome to the club. Now you’re on equal ground with everyone else and it kind of sucks doesn’t it?

Anyhoo, whether you’re an angry white male or not you can at least play the part with this position. I’d suggest only going so far as to do this position with a consenting partner, I mean, this is role-playing not reality after all.

This position of the day was brought to you by the book Position of the Day Playbook, you can buy the whole thing for yourself (and your partner) if you want to explore more weird and complicated and/or funny sex positions:

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Weird Sex Toy of the Week: Colt Manhole

I’m not a dude, but if I was a dude I’d be all about weird sex toys. Perhaps because I am a woman who is all about weird sex toys so I think not much would change if I had a penis.
All that would change is the weird sex toys that I could try. Like this one from Lovehoney. This is the Colt Manhole All-In-One Girth Enhancer, Tunnel Plug and Stroker, it’s a 3-in1 super sex toy. It’s not only a butt plug but it’s also penetrable so someone else can stick their penis inside of it and get a new sensation for both of you. Or you could stick another toy inside it on your own OR you could remove it from your butthole altogether and use it as a male masturbator. It’s soft and stretchy and ribbed on the inside for an intense sensual yummy penis feeling. (Of course, I am making assumptions here since I have no penis but DO have a brain capable of fantasy.) There are so many different things you can do with this toy that you might as well give it a test drive and tell me if I’m right or not.

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