Tits Out Tuesday: What You Need To Know About Cuffing Season

cuffing season and winter dating

What is Cuffing Season?


How to Decide Whether to Cuff Or Not

The phrase “cuffing season” has been around for almost a decade now, yet the actual behavior has most likely existed since the dawning of humanity.

Sure, sure, that could be an exaggeration but it probably isn’t.

Cuffing is the concept of two people forming a romantic relationship to get them through the winter. The season starts in October and ends in March (basically Halloween to Spring Break).

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Even though humans do not technically have a mating season and thus cuffing is not rooted in any actual biological drive, it’s still a pattern that clearly exists. Why? Because it’s cold and people want to stay warm and also not exude as much energy doing stuff. Thus it’s easier to find someone to Netflix and chill with than it is to go out actively dating multiple people.

There are arguments on both sides of the cuffing coin as to whether or not people should participate in these sort of arrangements.

Personally, I have both cuffed and not cuffed through the winter and couldn’t tell if one was better than the other because there are positives and negatives to establishing this setup.

I will say that cuffing just because you’re cold and lonely is probably not the healthiest of choices. It’s also kind of pathetic to date someone just to get through the holidays in an attempt to not get nagged by your family for being alone. If you’re dating someone as a placeholder it’s going to feel just as empty as dating no one, except it could actually be worse because you’re both using each other for ulterior motives that aren’t related to anything meaningful.

Also, you risk the chance of one or the other one developing stronger feelings and then you all have to deal with that once springtime comes around.

If on the other hand the two of you met in the late summer time and are actually interested in getting to know each other over the course of the colder months and it just happens to coincide with cuffing I wouldn’t get caught up so much in the fear that it’s just a seasonal thing.

Honestly, I wouldn’t ever get caught up in whether something has longevity or not because every day is a mystery and anything can happen. What I’ve learned is that you’re most disappointed when you create expectations for other people’s behavior and they fail to meet them. Much better to follow through on expectations you have for yourself because at least you know you can make them happen.

In the end, it’s probably better to take care of yourself and not force a temporary relationship to happen just to stay warm. There are always space heaters and thick socks. If you’re cuddling up to someone who is so-so you could potentially miss the opportunity to find the one who is woo-hoo. And though it is nice to have a regular bang buddy, it’s even better to be with someone who actually cares.

To each their own though. Good luck out there whichever way you go!

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