Tits Out Truth Bomb Tuesday: Why We Watch Weird Porn

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Going Down a Hentai Hole


Can You Get Out of a Porn Trap of Your Own Making?

Yesterday I talked a little bit about how I stumbled upon this odd animated short porn where this giant monster slimeball mud dude has sex with all these women; his giant schlong inserts in the pussy and goes all the way out the mouth, ejaculating out the woman’s mouth each time. They then somehow get tied up by some other monster tentacles on top of a large warehouse ceiling to I suppose be selected for fucking later whenever the monster dude feels like it.

Anyway. At the time I was watching it and masturbating it was fascinating. It was arousing. I came and then it was disgusting. I was disturbed. Why did this even exist?

Later in the evening, I decided to wank off once more before bed, because why not?! Masturbation helps you sleep. I return to Pornhub, since I had watched that weird animated film they had populated my page with even more of those types of Hentai movies.

I knew this was a turning point for me. Either I could go down the rabbit-hole of gross anime-cartoon porn or I could walk away, wank off to my usual threesome porn parody thing and be done with it.

Why go this usual route when you can do something weird? Something new? Something you’ve never seen?

This is a pornhole. Or a porntrap. This is how people get addicted, how they end up watching weirder and weirder shit.

There’s nothing wrong with watching weird ass porn, BUT if it starts to prevent you from being able to get off from actual sex, perhaps you’ve gone to far?

Last night I watched an animated bird fuck a “nerdy woman” with a strange diamond-shaped penis in her pussy, a bird beak in her ass that actually looked way more like a carrot than a beak  (they then revealed the bird tongue going all the way up her anus), followed by these tentacles that tied all around her body then started tickling her tits. This was all fine, until the tentacles got tighter and tighter and then actually penetrated into her tits.

I was like, WTF?! Gross. That’s not even possible!

Then I remembered I was watching an anime film of a large monster BIRD fucking a human woman and had to stop myself from getting upset about the plot-holes (or lack of holes).

Anyhoo, admittedly I’ve always been pretty much anti-anime and I do think it’s because of its representation in mainstream media. It’s like a ‘nerds only’ thing that I never wanted to be associated with. It was actually difficult for me to tell anyone, let alone everyone, that I have begun to go down this hentai hole.

I feel like since I’ve done so many other things and people, I’m safe though and won’t turn into one of those women who HAVE to always play dress up and insert alien dildo dicks inside me instead of real penises (though, would try an alien dildo dick at least once if anyone wants to send me one).

Or maybe send me this weird book I just found that sounds really fucking fascinating:

Anyhoo. What’s the weirdest porn you’ve ever watched? How did you feel before/during/after about it?

Leave your comments below if you dare!

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