From Books to Impulse Buys, My Favorite Things of 2021

The Best Ways I Stimulated My Mind, Body, Spirit

2021 was a rough year for most of us, this has been a well known fact. But, there were pockets of good times, moments of joy, fresh breathes and the like. I’ve compiled a list of my favorite things from the year, so if you’re looking to make your 2022 a little bit brighter perhaps some of these suggestions might help that happen! 

Favorite Book

Little Weirds by Jenny Slate

When I checked this out from my local library I had no idea that it was going to be AS good as it was. It was so good in fact that I returned the book to the library then went out and bought five copies to send to my friends. It’s not only my favorite book of 2021, it has moved into one of my top five favorite books of all time. It definitely spoke to me specifically in a way no other author has seemed to be able to capture via time/place/mentality and I’m all the more better off having read it (now one and half times but I’m sure many more to come). 

Runner Up

Midnight Library by Matt Haig

Favorite App

Insight Timer

For years many different people have suggested that I take up meditation. I often found it to be an insulting suggestion. Like, what bro, you don’t think I’m chill enough?! Turns out, I’ve never been chill enough. I am the wind that moves the fire. 

After struggling with falling asleep and trying all sorts of things from melatonin to Tylenol pm to sleepy time tea, I decided to try yoga nidra and sleep meditations. At first I was doing them on Spotify and Youtube but ran into some advertising problems that really threw the whole mood off. Then I discovered Insight Timer. It has SO many meditations (123,937 as of today) and of all different styles, genres, lengths etc. These sleep meditations work wonders on me. On top of that I’ve tried so many different topics such as lucid dreaming, cord cutting, and morning affirmations to start my day off on the right foot. I highly suggest this app to anyone who already likes meditation, struggles with meditation, or has been told by countless people that they should start meditating. It makes it so much easier. (And yeah, maybe those people who suggested that were right.)

Runner Up

Cappuccino-A daily personal audio show featuring your friends.

Favorite Phallic Food Diet Recipe

I came up with about thirty different recipes for the Phallic Food Diet. I am hoping to turn them into a cookbook sometime in the near future, maybe by the end of 2022 if I actively pursue it. If you’re interested in a copy let me know, I’m sure agents and book publishers would be happy to hear that other people think it’s a fun idea. Anyway, these frozen chocolate-covered bananas were my favorite due to their simplicity, big phallicness, and sweetness. Maybe not the healthiest of the recipes but not the worst dessert out there for you either.  

Runner Up

Meat-Wrapped Cream-Stuffed Pickles

Favorite Streaming Workout Channel 

Sydney Cummings 

I’ve been working out to her streaming videos for like three years now. It took me a while to find someone that was consistent, motivating, challenging, and above all not annoying (some of those online trainers–wow!). Anyway, if you’re looking to up your workout routine but don’t want to or don’t have access to a gym then streaming at home is a good choice. I use these adjustable weights, they don’t take up a lot of space and they go from 6 to 24 pounds. 

Runner Up

 Kaylie Daniels (yoga and pilates)

Favorite Non-essential Amazon Random Purchase

Karaoke Microphone 

This bluetooth karaoke microphone was an impulse buy during a flash sale and honestly it was the best thing I did for myself all year long. I had so much fun with this thing both by myself and with other people. Anytime I was in a funk or feeling the need to express myself  I’d turn it one and sing myself a song or two in front of the mirror. I’m sure my neighbors loved me. Especially those late nights on the porch with friends and too much whiskey. My go-to songs are Cher’s Turn Back Time, Wilson Phillips – Hold On and Celine Dion’s It’s Coming All Back to Me.

Runner Up

Beeswax Food Wrappers

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