Support Krystal

Want to help Krystal and her creative endeavors such as Go Eat A Carrot?

Let’s support each other!

Here are things I’m willing to trade:

  • Advice
  • Pics not available to the public eye*
  • My worn panties
  • My worn out vibrators
  • Private video chats*
  • Conversations about love and life
  • Handwritten Letters*
  • Poems, erotica, short stories*
  • Abstract Expressionist Paintings*

What can you do to get these things?

Venmo me @Krystal-Fawn

Put your desire in the “What’s it for?” section then email me to discuss details (or vice versa)

Or buy me something from Krystal’s Wish List off of Amazon

(I will take a picture in or with or on the thing you buy me and send it to you for your own private collection or I’ll send you a thank you card with 5 reasons why you’re an amazing person, whichever you prefer. Or name your best trade offer and we can work together.)

If you’re feeling REALLY generous you can support me and Go Eat a Carrot by helping me pay off my student loan debt ($48,000 … yeah, I know) or you can pay my monthly rent ($800).

Or get me a ticket to Burning Man 2018! I’ll send you pics from my adventure and write an erotic tale of one of my nights there.

Help me, help you, let’s all just help each other in our own best ways.

Email me here and we can take this discussion further.

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**All rights reserved.

Aka. Any trade agreement pics, video, art, writings etc. are for your eyes only and cannot be shared on any online or offline platform or with individual persons.