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I finally finished writing one and it’s now self-published on all major platforms including Apple Books, Barnes and Noble, kobo and more!

Written during the first wave of the corona virus outbreak, this story was initially created to entertain the author’s grandma who was stuck bored at home alone.

Now available for everyone and anyone across the globe who may be bored at home, Corn Tits: Rowdy Tales from Rural Kansas Part 1 is a jammed-packed adventure full of disgusting characters that you can’t help hate to love. What on the surface appears to be a story about a woman caught in a compromising position out in the middle of nowhere, actually is a commentary on our society’s ever-expanding issues with addictions. 

Gut-wrenching & gross with a dark slap-stick-like humor, Corn Tits is an adult-themed story written for those (18+) looking to laugh out loud, gag up their dinner, and/or choke back a tear or two.

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Corn Tits: Part 1 from the Rowdy Tales from Rural Kansas Series

Corn Tits: Part 1

More Books to Come!

Corn Tits: Part 2 (coming February 2021)

More from the Rowdy Tales From Rural Kansas series. It’s the day of Candy Jo’s (Corn Tits) wedding. And nothing is going as planned. In fact, it’s a total white-trash disaster.

The Phallic Food Diet Cookbook (coming December 2021)

Want to increase your BDE (big dick energy)? Looking to enhance your libido? Are you just interested in eating really good food? Well, The Phallic Food Diet has it all. Get weekly recipes like Nut and Creamed On Carrot Ginger Soup and Nuts in Your Mouth Pecan Pesto and right here on the Go Eat a Carrot blog. Find cockless-cocktail recipes, fun food facts, and Just the Tip (tricks and advice for better SEX and Relationships) on Patreon. eBook and print version scheduled to come out by December of 2021. Pre-order link to come!

Header Photo by Kimberly Farmer on Unsplash

Corn Tits Part 1 Cover Design and Illustrated by M Feldmann