No B.S. Advice

No B.S. Advice for Better Sex, Dating, & Relationships

Practical Talk to Overcome Your Biggest Problems

Ready for some No B.S. Advice?

Tired of thirst traps? Bad first dates? Bad sex?

Tired of feeling lonely and disconnected from the world?

Tired of hippies and wanna-be ‘healers’ trying to turn you into ‘the best version of yourself’?

Yet, deep down you still want to *cough* become the best version of yourself?

Then you’ve come to the right place. 

I’m here to offer you straight talk, no bullshit, practical conversation to get you on a better path (or at least entertain you for a moment in time). 

Why chat with me?

Well, I’ve been talking to people about the world about sex, love, and dating for 15+ years (including several years in the woo-woo world). I have seen everything, I have heard everything and to be perfectly honest, I’ve learned plenty of valuable hands-on lessons myself.

Lessons like:

  • Major Red Flags to Look Out For
  • How to Walk Away from the Sociopath You’re in Love With
  • How to Put Down That Beer and Be Productive
  • And many many more

Plus, I can tell you everything that I personally would want in:

  • my next sexual encounter
  • my next first date
  • my next boyfriend
  • my one and only future husband

with practical no b.s. advice on how to get closer to your desired goals out there in the big wide open real world.

Things like:

  • How to Slide Into Someone’s DMs and Have Better Luck Getting a Response
  • How to be an Empowered Man (or woman) Instead of Little Dude-Bro (dude-gal)
  • Actionable Ways to Keep the One You Want Around for the Long-Haul
  • and many many more

Though I would love to chat with everyone all the time for free, time is money and my time and energy is limited. That being said, because we live in a capitalist society, I’ll do my best to chat with anyone who needs to talk, but priority goes to those willing to make a donation.

Ready to receive some No B.S. Advice?

Looking for a simple solution to your most pressing questions?

Here’s are your three No B.S. Advice options:

$25 suggested donation: No Bullshit One-Hit Wonder Chat

I will answer your most pressing question (via email or chat) in under 30 minutes.

$100 Patreon subscription : No Bullshit Video Chat + Monthly Community Support

Same as above except you get my one-hit wonder chat on a monthly basis + access to Patreon-only content designed to entertain + help us all be a little bit better at a little bit of everything.

$200 suggested donation: 1 to 2-hour Twice Monthly No-Bullshit Chat Consultations

We’ll look deeper into the source of the issue/problem and come up with practical ways to overcome whatever it is that’s holding you back. Or we can just chat for chatting sake about what it is you want to talk about with me, an active listener.

How to make a No B.S. Advice chat happen:

Venmo me a suggested donation at @Krystal-Fawn

Include your IG handle + Carrot Consulting in the memo

Please be patient. I will go in first come first serve order with exceptions for large sum donations (because, capitalism wins).

 You’re also welcome to Email Me for more info!

Can’t wait to talk soon 🙂

Photo by Markus Winkler on Unsplash