Friday Feels: Thoughts on the Satanic Witch

The Forbidden Knowledge of Seduction


Wait, Wait, I’m About to Enchant You

I’ve consumed many inspirational, transformational, self-help, dating advice books over the years. I’ve worked in the mindful industry for a decade now, so I’ve seen and heard it all. Or at least a great deal of it.

So when the guy I am no longer (nor ever technically was) seeing gave me this book to read I was like, alright, okay, I’ll give it a whirl.

If I had read this a year ago I would have been mortified. It was full of gender stereotyping that many women these days would find highly offensive. I’ve given up on being offended by this sort of thing. Instead, I tried to see it from the author’s perspective. I imagined for a second if he was right. I may have even attempted a thing or two in the book — don’t worry boys I did not become a succubus… yet.

Buy the book: The Satanic Witch

Would I consider myself a satanic witch now? No. Nah. One does not become a satanic witch just by reading one book about it. If we became the things we’ve read about then I’d also be a tree and an alien monster living on a planet far far away from here.

I did like the historical elements. For example, there was some detailed information about the gingerbread man that I had no idea about. In this video I read the excerpt from the book:

I also found the idea of being attracted to your core demon self to be fascinating. For example, if you’re a super masculine manly man on the outside, your demonic core is super feminine, and can often only come out in the form of another person–hence why opposites attract.

Maybe I have so much trouble with men because I’m so perfectly balanced. Muhahah. Cackle cackle cackle.

If you’re lucky I’ll put a spell on you too.

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