Weird Sex Wednesday: What is Edging and Why You Should Do It

Your Dick, Living on the Edge


Edging–So You Don’t Blow Your Load

There are many reasons why a person may want to practice edging.

Edging is pretty much exactly what it sounds like, basically, you stimulate to the point right before you orgasm and then stop prior to climaxing. You can repeat this as many times as you can stand it. This practice is way more common amongst men though women can also do it.

Why would anyone want to edge when they could just jizz all over the place and get it over with quickly?

Well, here are some examples.

The Whoopsie-Daisy

One night a man and a woman go on a date. They had matched on Tinder a few days before and had partaken in witty banter prior to deciding to meet up. They turn out to be neighbors and decide to head to a bar near both of them. They get drunk. He invites her back to his place. They have another drink. They start making out. His pants come off. His dick comes out. She goes down to suck his dick. She licks his carrot from the bottom to the top. He comes all over the place from the one lick. If he had practiced edging perhaps he could have enjoyed more of a well-rounded blow-job.

The Little Bitch Boy

Let’s say you’re a submissive man into dominant women. You finally find a woman willing to boss you around. She tells you that you can play with yourself but you can’t cum. Guess what? You better learn how to edge you little piece of shit loser.

The Holy Fuck

You’re a man and you’re tired of the same old orgasm. You’ve had thousands perhaps even millions of orgasms and they’re all starting to feel the same. You decide to try edging. You edge all day long. Then finally after hours and hours of edging you let it go and it’s the most intense orgasm you’ve ever had in your entire life.

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Whether you’re trying to overcome premature ejaculation or you’re looking to intensify your orgasm, edging is indeed an interesting technique to try. It’s also fun to do while you’re giving oral sex to someone else. It will drive them crazy and there’s nothing better than driving someone crazy in bed. I do think it might be a little rude to attempt edging with most women (though feel free to disagree ladies), only because it’s already difficult for many women to cum. How many times have we almost been there when a dude edges us accidentally by changing rhythm or technique seconds before it happens? Yeah. Exactly.

Watch this Go Eat A Carrot Video for Two Different Ways You Can Edge:

Are you an edger? Why do you do it? What do you like about it? If not, would you ever give it a whirl? Comment below with your thoughts and opinions!

6 thoughts on “Weird Sex Wednesday: What is Edging and Why You Should Do It

  1. Great blog 😊
    I’m submissive guy and i like doing edging to myselfe. Its great feeling. Mine longest time was 14 days 😉 I was doing that 4-5 times a day without finish. That was amazing. Once again great blog. Have a nice day 😊
    PS. Sorry for my English 😉

  2. edging is amazing but I get crazy sore balls from doing it sometimes. But god damn when you finally bust a nut it makes your knees weak. Edging with sex I think is the best. But solo isn’t bad either. Fuck it, I’m gonna start a new session today. 😉

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