Weird Sex Wednesday: Having Sex Fantasies About Religious Leaders

Would You Fuck A Hot Nun?


What Is It That’s So Sexy About Certain Religious Figures?

Recently a fan follower sent me a sexy shirt (and bra + panties set) off of my Amazon wishlist. When it arrived and I put it on I was suddenly reminded of that scene in Bridget Jones Diary when Bridget shows up at the Tarts and Vicars party and no one else is dressed up like a tart or a vicar. Then she runs into an older woman wearing a frilly shirt like the one I’m wearing and say something like, “Oh I guess you didn’t get the memo either.” To which the woman replies, “Yes, I did!” Then runs off embarrassed.

Anyhoo. The shirt reminded me of that party fail and also it reminded me of another form of weird sex– sex with religious leaders.

Sex with priests. Sex with nuns. Sex with monks. Sex with Jesus. Sex with satan.

Or people dressed up like them.

Once I had a boyfriend who dressed up like a priest. I’m pretty sure that was the night a guy wearing a grape costume gave him some molly and we ended up having this weird threesome (but not with the grape guy, someone else?). Could have been a different Halloween though, who can really remember it all?

I’d definitely have sex with Jesus if given the opportunity. Have you seen those ab muscles, damn? Plus, he’s like God or the son of God or whatever you believe, so I bet he has some orgasmic moves.

I used to have a pretty strong fantasy about having sex with an Amish guy, but I don’t really think that fits in this same category.

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What do you think is the root of these fantasies? Do you think it’s because it’s just so so wrong? The forbidden fruit of spiritual sexuality.

I mean, how could not want to fuck a priest who looks like this?

sexy priest
Would you fuck me? I’d fuck me. – Priest from Exorcist TV Series

Anyhoo. Let me know in the comments below what your sexual religious fantasies (or perhaps actual actions) are!

(Talk about sinful sex.)

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sexy jesus, sexy nuns, sexy priests, sexy monks
Namaste in bed with you?

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2 thoughts on “Weird Sex Wednesday: Having Sex Fantasies About Religious Leaders

  1. You did almost have to remake this…I noticed that as well, of course. I’m captivated by your eyes though. You have very pretty eyes.
    Anyhow…it seems that religious leaders/workers are having plenty of sex. Do you think that will ruin the desire to have sex with them? I always liked that cute little redhead in Sister Act.

    Hey! I know! You can wear your nun costume and I’ll get a monk costume…and see what happens. LOL My wife might be jealous over that though.

    Really though…my fantasies usually run in the schoolgirl or business secretary range. I know…boring…unless the schoolgirl is my Domme as well….now that could get very interesting.

    I love your videos. I love your eyes. And your smile is amazing. Oh, yeah, your voice…I could listen to your sultry voice all the time. Maybe some day I’ll get up the requisite nerve to be a patron.
    Happy Hump Day!! And Happy Weird Sex Wednesday!

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