Masturbation Monday: Does Wanking Off Worsen Carpal Tunnel Issues?

Exploring the World of Getting Off When Your Hand is Injured


Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Masturbation

So, I don’t typically manually masturbate. Why do all the work when there are so many toys in the world that can do the work for you? I also have major issues with my wrists (aka carpal tunnel syndrome) and they’ve been super flaring up lately, mostly because I’ve started working out again. When I say “working out” I am not speaking in code about wanking off either, I mean actually going for runs and practicing yoga and doing HIIT workouts.

Why am I working out more?

Well, because I’m getting fat. I don’t mean thick, I don’t mean thot-like, I mean fat. Thick means you’re curvy in all the right places. For me there comes a time when the body starts layering in places that are not right. I feel physical pain when I’ve added too much weight to my frame. For example, I can always tell if I need to amp up the cardio and cut back on the greasy foods if I’m doing twists in yoga and I have problems getting deep, going further, because there is too much fat on my hips– it actually hurts to do them.

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So in any event, because of this new go-getter workout-spirit, my wrists have been hurting like a bitch. I can just be sitting around doing nothing and feel a constant stream of pain. I’ve started using the foam roller again and wearing my brace to bed.

I’ve been curious about this masturbation thing though. When I use a vibrator and I’m just holding it there with my hand is it actually making things in my wrist worse? The whole point of the brace is to keep the wrist from bending into weird shapes so I should be protected, but one would imagine that the vibrations would actually HELP the body heal.

Explore more on carpal tunnel syndrome and masturbation with this video:

I mean, how much worse would my wrists be if I didn’t masturbate with vibrators?!

There is absolutely no way I could get in there with my fingers anymore. My hand would just start cramping up and I’d either get to the point of almost coming and then lose it all or I’d be like, “fuck it” and put the orgasm first only to have my entire hand break off after it.

Some of you may be thinking,

“Krystal, maybe you should give up on masturbating for awhile so your wrist has some time to heal.”

Well, am I supposed to give up brushing my teeth? Am I supposed to give up cooking myself food? Am I supposed to give up reading books? Driving? Shaking people’s hands? Should I just go jump off a bridge and end it all already?!


I’m not going to stop masturbating I’ll tell you that. I’ll also tell you that the Hitachi has worked best during these times of wrist stress because it is so big and much easier to hold onto. Plus the vibrations are intense so I can get off much quicker and massage my hands at the same time.

Anyhoo. If you have carpal tunnel issues shout out below what you do to overcome the pain so you can cum in pleasure.

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