Weird Sex Wednesday: Places I’ve Had Sex (Hometown Area Edition)

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Barely Legal Weird Sex in Weird Places Throwback

Heading back to Denver tomorrow but while I’m still in Kansas I thought I’d make a list of all the places I’ve had sex around here (hometown edition… I’ll save undergrad for another blog).

I didn’t have P-n-V sex until I was 17 and I’m not sure you can even count that as losing my virginity since his dick was the size of a baby carrot (no offense to that dude, he was much better at cunnilingus) and if that were the case I had lost it to some fingers years prior. Anyway, even though I was OLD and only had about 2 ish years of penetrative sex in this area I was doing it ALL around the place. Why? Because it’s quite difficult to get away with sex stuff when your bedroom is right next to your parents’ bedroom.

So. Here we are.

The Not Quite Entirely Accurate List of All the Places I May or May Not Have Had Sex in Kansas

  • On the top bunk of bunk beds in the KU dorms (I did not go to school here)
  • On the bench of a handicap shower in the KU dorms (I did not go to school here)
  • In the back of an S-10 (I was on the bottom. This one left a mark)
  • In the passenger seat of my neon (quite often)
  • In the backseat of my neon
  • Road head
  • On the floor of a trailer (classy, surprised I didn’t catch anything from that one)
  • In my parent’s hot tub (who in my high school didn’t bang in there?)
  • In the parking lot of the Iola movie theater (in my neon before the movie started)
    On a squeaky leather sofa at some dude’s house in Lawrence (another minute man I barely remember)
  • ALMOST on a couch in the green room of my high school theater BUT alas the boyfriend didn’t care for the audience
  • On my parent’s living room couch and floor while dressed as a cheerleader. I was never a cheerleader though I did play one on the stage (SORRY mom and dad, please don’t read my blog, thank you).
  • Gave a handy in the woods near my cousin’s house during a party once.
  • Got finger-banged at one of those house shows where metal bands trying to sound like Rage were playing (also in the back of an S-10, really had a thing for that truck, I mean… guy).

That’s all I can think of at this time. I’m sure I’m missing a few places.

If you were someone participating or a friend who knows please send me a direct message so I can update this list.

In other news, I can’t believe how long it’s been since I’ve had car sex. I drive a boat-car now I’m not sure why I haven’t banged in it yet. Will have to remedy that. Looking at you, boyfriend. We’ve got some sex-stuff to do when I get back to Denver.

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