Thirsty Thursday: How to Make the Blood Orange Cherry Moon Lunar Eclipse Drank

Cheers to a Bloody Full Moon


Summer Drink Recipe to Sip During the Lunar Eclipse

Happy Thirsty Thursday! I hope you’re extra thirsty this week because I just concoc(k)ted one of the most delicious drinks I have ever drank.

I’ve always been a nature kid. I grew up in the middle of nowhere Kansas next to a creek (crick), a hill covered with trees, and a field covered in hay and usually filled with weird animals (dead and alive).

For the past few years, I’ve been pretty fascinated with the moon and one of the most exciting things in moon history is happening tomorrow– lunar eclipse blood moon! This happens with the sun, earth, and moon align. The sun’s rays can’t reach the moon so we see it through a coopery-reddish (let’s just call it what it is aka period blood) filter. Oh yes, the earth has its own filters just like Instagram!

According to the elephant journal article I read on this upcoming event:

“ On July 27th we can expect lunar energy to be supercharged and at its most intense for the longest time in a 100-year period.”

100 years?! This means shit is going to go down. People gonna be super cray cray. Werewolves are going to eat babies faces off. Witches are going to cast mega-badass spells. Vampires are going to turn Krystal into a vampire (wishes, wishes and more wishes). Jealousies will arise. Drama will stir.  Fights will ensue. Relationships will end. Toxic energy will be flying all over through the air. Watch out!

Lots of other stuff is bound to happen too. Read the full article (link above) to find out more about it.

I’d suggest making a big batch of this drank, sitting back, and watching the

Here’s my recipe for the Blood Orange Cherry Moon Lunar Eclipse Drank

Servings: makes 2 cocktails


4 ounces good American whiskey
½ of one fresh-squeezed lemon juice
½ of 1 fresh-squeezed blood orange juice
Blood orange Italian soda
Cherries for garnish


Combine whiskey, lemon and orange juice in a large cocktail shaker, fill with plenty of ice, and shake like crazy for about 30 seconds. Strain into a chilled cocktail glass, or into an ice-filled Old Fashioned glass. Top with soda and garnish with big dark red cherry for the full moon impact. Enjoy.


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