The First Steps to Better Kissing

How to Mouth-to-Mouth


Improve Your Kissing With These Techniques

Today is International Kissing Day. I’m not sure if it means we’re supposed to go out there and kiss people from a country other than our own or if everyone in the world is supposed to make-out with each other or what the deal is but I will say, what a great made-up holiday.

Is there an International Cunnilingus Day? How about an International Fellatio Day? If there isn’t there will be soon I’m sure.

Initially, I wanted to explore different styles of kissing, you know, french kissing, Eskimo kissing, Czechoslovakian peaceful dissolution kissing (your cold lips part ways but you’ll never forget the bond you had together), but I realized that before we can even go there we need to begin at the beginning.

Here’s the deal. If you want to be a good kisser you have to work at it.

Just like you’d lift weights to get stronger arms or go running to increase endurance if you want to be a good kisser (and good at oral sex) you should get your tongue and mouth in shape.

How can you tell how good of shape your tongue is in already?

Here’s a simple test.

Stick out your tongue in a straight line, now try to touch the corner edge of your mouth with just the tip. Did you make it? Did you hit any other part of your lip along the way? If you did, it’s weak. If you didn’t you’re in better shape but you can still always do more mouth work.

Watch this video for a couple of tongue and mouth exercises you can do to help strengthen your kissing (and oral sex) game.

P.S. Try not to over-exercise your tongue and mouth, you want to have strength, flexibility, suppleness. If you over-do it your tongue/mouth will be rigid, hard, and dry and no one likes kissing mouth-sticks.

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