Monday Mood: Young Guys v. Old Guys

Am I Into The Age of a Dude or the Actual Dude?


What’s in a Number?

I get a lot of online messages that go something like this:

“Hey. Curious if you’re into younger guys?”

Here’s the short answer.

Yes and no.

What I’m into is emotionally mature people.

More on that in a minute.

There was an article that came out several years ago (which I’m not even going to bother to try to find) but I will tell you what it said. It said that the “perfect” age range for heterosexual couples is 5 years, with the woman being younger than the man. According to this research this is due to the fact that the man has “matured” enough to appear “manly” to the woman. And the man can feel smarter, more knowledgeable and protective or some shit like that.

First of all this is just complete and total bullshit.

There is no “perfect” age and there is no way to determine maturity level, intelligence, emotional intelligence or the able to provide security based solely on how old a person is. I’ve met super mature 24-year-olds and super immature 40, 50, 60+ year olds.

Regardless of your sexual orientation, age is almost an irrelevant factor. Of course, I mean this in the legal age of consent situations.

Yes, if there is a BIG gap between when the two of you were born there could be relatability issues, but these could also be huge learning experiences for both of you.

I might not know who Buddy Guy is, but what if I take the time to listen and that music changes my life?

An older guy may not know what “ghosting” is but wouldn’t that actually be kind of nice to not have to deal with that millennial bullshit?

Here’s the deal.

If you have to ask if a person is “into younger guys” or older guys or black guys or fill-in-the-blank then you’re basically casting yourself into a stereotype and moving yourself away from your individuality.

This is something I am not into.

Here’s what I’m into.
Emotional Maturity.

Here’s what that looks like:

When you’re emotionally mature you are confident in who you are.

You understand your needs, wants, desires.

You are able to communicate when something feels good and also when something feels bad.

You have boundaries and you stick by them.

You can admit to being wrong.

You are capable of putting another person’s needs before yours.

You’re able to ask for and receive help.

You’re grateful for the things you have.

You take the time to think about who you are and who you want to be.

You make strides to become who you want to be and give other people the space and encouragement to do the same.

I’m into that.

I don’t really care if you’re 22 or 47.

Would I prefer to fuck a younger guy v. an older guy?

Not necessarily.

I USED to be super into younger guys, but then I realized that older guys know how to eat pussy. And WHY would I want to waste my time with someone who can’t or doesn’t want to or isn’t eager to learn?

I’d prefer someone on my level of both skill in the bedroom AND outside of it, it’s just more fun all around.

So, if you feel the yearning desire to ask a person if they’re “into ____?” perhaps consider who you are that’s beyond your age or race or gender and try that approach instead.

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4 thoughts on “Monday Mood: Young Guys v. Old Guys

  1. ” but then I realized that older guys know how to eat pussy.” that’s right! And if you like to do something….why not do it well…study and show thyself worthy.

    I loved this post of yours. Excellent! Listened to your YouTube rant and damn! You have a sexy voice. Some guy is going to be really lucky to hear your voice every day!

  2. Hey, just found your blog today and I love it! You cover a lot of ground and some of it is right up my alley. You’re also sexy as hell!

    This post is interesting. I think about this kind of stuff a lot lately. I’m a total perv and incest fantasies really get my motor running. So, relatedly, thinking about younger people and older people are part of this fetish. I know that it’s almost completely unrealistic to think most of these types of fantasies could ever happen, but role playing can. Don’t know now many younger women would want to play the daughter or sister. I think some older women might be into it more possibly. My desires have really shifted over time and now I really get off on the idea of fucking much older women. I’m actually 42, but I think about women that are 55-65, etc. I guess it’s just kind of thinking how kind of surreal it would be to get kinky with a woman that could be your mother or even grandmother. I don’t know, I’m a weirdo and am now rambling, but this was an interesting blog entry (I also enjoyed some of your others about anal sex which is another fetish of mine). Thanks a lot! I’ll be reading more soon and watching some of your videos.

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