Friday Feels: Free My Nipples

Tits Out, Only in Theory


Why Are We All So Obsessed with Nipples?

So, a few days ago I got my first STRIKE on youtube for a video I posted about two weeks ago titled, “Tits Out Truth Bombs Tuesday: Morning Thoughts on Thicc Thick Women.”

They removed it for “inappropriate content.”


My nipple fell out of my robe for all of one second (maybe 2 seconds) in the video.

no more video about thick women
Womp, Womp.

I have videos where I talk about rubbing my pussy on a dude’s bald head. I have videos where I discuss why threesomes are the best somes. Yet, the video where I discuss body image issues and what it’s like being a slightly thicker (though not even that thick) woman which just happens to have a moment of tit gets me in trouble on the internet.

It’s funny because not everyone has rubbed their vulva across a shiny bald head nor has everyone on the planet been involved in a threesome BUT every human has nipples.

Even babies and grandmas have nipples.

We ALL have nipples. (except perhaps some people that were involved in some crazy accidents or were born with a genetic defect I don’t want to be 100% on this just in case).

But because my nipples are attached to a body that people think about having sex with then surely EVERY TIME my nipple slips out I am intentionally attempting to give the world a giant boner.

I know, I know. I violated their fucking rules. But, sometimes rules are dumb.

In this case, as an example, that rule is dumb.

It’s supposed to “protect children” ?


1. Children aren’t supposed to see nipples?!
2. Children are on the internet unsupervised?!

Just a little bit confused about both of these scenarios. Pretty sure that children have nipples. See how having nipples is not an automatic sexual thing? I believe our culture is WAY too update about the naked body. Are we seriously only supposed to see the naked body when we’re having sex? No wonder the body is overly objectified and people can’t seem to handle nudity without blowing a gasket (or a load in some instances).

Also, why are children on youtube looking up sex stuff? At least my channel has some educational purposes to it, but perhaps if your children are curious about sex stuff there are ways to talk to them about it without them having to fall down a strange youtube hole?!

In any event. I’ll be watching my nipples more closely now.

Interested in seeing this BANNED youtube video?!

Email me and I’ll tell you how many carrots it’s worth 😉

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