Thirsty Thursday: Fireworks Popsicle Shot Recipe

Make Shots That Will Pop Your Socks Off


Enjoy Fireworks in Your Mouth (and the Sky)

This year, the 4th of July falls right in the middle of the week. In a way, this is splendid because we get to celebrate our independence the weekend prior, the week of, AND the weekend after.

To me, the 4th of July symbolizes more than just our American independence, but the BIG, BAM, OOOHH LA La’s of summer really kicking into gear. Friends and family gather outside to watch beautiful light displays, drink frothy beer, and eat phallic shaped foods like hot dogs, corn dogs, and yes, the delicious popsicle.

Since I’m going to an Independence Day party this weekend, I thought I’d share this Thirsty Thursday Fireworks Popsicle Shot with you today.

It’s fucking hot here and no one really wants to take a shot of warm ass liquor. If you do you may want to ask yourself if you have alcohol issues.

I prefer to put phallic shaped objects in mouth and what’s more phallic shaped than a long, hard, sweet, popsicle?

Of course, these pop-ice popsicles in the plastic bags aren’t AS phallic-y as say a rocket pop, which would be delicious right now, but they’re the easiest way to make a quick drink.

Thirsty Thursday Fireworks Popsicle Shot Recipe:

Here’s what you need:

Pop Ice
Liquor of Choice

Here’s What You Do:

Cut the top of the popsicle off, take a bite if necessary so there is at least a shot’s worth of empty space in the plastic.

Put the funnel in the hole.

Pour the liquor in the popsicle (you can measure if you’d like more accuracy)


Happy (early) 4th of July! May you quench your thirst and experience amazing fireworks.

P.S. Depending on the weather it might not melt as quickly as expected so you can close the top of it, shake it, then shoot it. Or you can wait for it to melt more. OR you can just shoot it back and deal with it mostly just being pure alcohol (that’s slightly less warm than before).

It’s all up to you because this is America and you do what you want.

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