Weird Sex Wednesday: Nose Sucking

WTF Do You Nose?


Smell You Later?!

Several years ago when I lived around York and Colfax in Denver, I went out one night all by myself. Solo adventures on Saturday nights were rarely my thing, but everyone I wanted to hang out with was out of town, so I thought it would be a fun time to go out and observe from afar.

At some point later in the evening after plenty of beer drinking, I made my way into X Bar. This is one of the few gay bars in Denver and I assumed I’d be safe from getting hit on.

Well, shock shock, I of course, end up talking to the one straight guy there who had gotten dragged there by all of his gay friends.

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He was pretty attractive, from Mexico, “futbol” player/coach, from what I understood he had a girlfriend. So, I thought I was safe, in a different way.

Of course, I was wrong. We end up getting drunk and making out on his couch. His girlfriend was out of town and I at the time was an asshole, so sue me (please do not do that, thank you).

Let’s move on to the weird stuff.

We’re on the couch, mouth-to-mouth, tongue-to-tongue, meow meow.

Then, he removes his mouth from my mouth and starts sucking my nose.

That’s right. MY NOSE.

I immediately attempt to retreat, but he just goes in stronger. It’s sloppy and wet and weird.

My feet flutter like the little mermaid trying to make her escape out of the strange ocean of spit enveloping her face.

I try to fight the sensations sending shivers up my spine.

This is gross!

This is not how making-out is supposed to work!

Why is it working then?

Here’s what I think. I think that because I was completely and totally NOT expecting it, it was so weird that the weirdness of it turned me on. I really don’t care to admit it and I honestly would never want anyone to suck on my nose ever again. (I mean, I get it. I’ve got a big strong nose and I’m sure it’s super sexy to some, while plenty of others think I’m a witch… maybe I am a witch, who cares).

Regardless, the point is that sometimes trying something that is just slightly off-kilter might make the night way more memorable than just regular making out/ sex or whatever. I’m not recommending sucking another person’s nose, but if you haven’t do it yet, WHY NOT?

But, You Nose Best.

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