9 Sexy Gift Ideas for Your Favorite Daddy

Daddy Knows Best


Buy Something Sweet or Sexy For Your Daddy This Father’s Day

Father’s Day is just around the corner and though I do have an amazing father, I’m not here to talk about that kind of father.

Today I want to talk about Daddys.

Now, I’ve never had a Daddy, but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t. I’m pretty picky about that sort of thing. Though I like nice dinners and drinks and clothes etc. I’m not going to pretend to be interested in a dude just for stuff.

No, if I ever had a Sugar Daddy it would have to be some sort of mutually stimulating relationship, mind + body + fun stuff. Not just the fun stuff because I stroked his ego like he liked it.

Anyway. I do have friends with Daddys and I think it’s only appropriate that if you have a Daddy you get your Daddy a Father’s Day gift. (Or if you’re sleeping with an actual dad or you just want to buy a dude a present).

So, here are 9 Gift Ideas for the Daddy (or Dude) in Your Life:

(Obviously make sure you use Daddy’s credit card to buy his gift or what’s the point in having a Daddy.)

{Click on the image to be taken directly to purchase from We-Vibe, Lelo, or Amazon}

1. Male Masturbator

Dudes who say that there aren’t any good masturbation toys out there just haven’t done the research. I know FIRST HAND that the Tenga Flip Cups are amazing. I have witnessed one in action on multiple different wang-a-langs and I can tell you that these work wonders. Way better than the Flesh Light. These are designed to actually be easy to clean after splooging all up in them.

The flip holes and the flip zeros each have different textures inside them. The holes have three different pressure points so you can hold on and press down where it fits best on your carrot. The Zero is the newest design and looks just absolutely amazing. The best thing about this is that you can give Daddy a hand-job and not even have to touch his wee-wee. Or let him take care of himself while you paint your nails or whatever.

The Tenga Flip Zero:

2. An Upscale Vibrating Cock Ring

There’s nothing wrong with those cheap plastic throw-aways but Daddy deserves the best so why not hook him up with something that could potentially please both of you (if you do have sex with Daddy, some babies do not). Anyhoo. These three are all rechargeable and made out of medical-grade materials. The top two (verge and oden) are designed to stimulate the perineum (and balls) while the last one on the list, the Lelo Tor, can be turned up to hit the clit or down to vibrate the balls.

We-Vibe – Verge

Lelo – Oden


Lelo – Tor

3. Njoy Prostate Plug
Daddy knows that one of the best ways to have explosive mind-blowing orgasms is through stimulating the prostate. Buy him the shiny fancy looking one. The hard as fuck material is much easier to clean and maintain, plus you can do temperature play to heat things up or cool things down depending on the mood of the night. (There are rumors that these also make great paperweights… if you’re looking for even more versatility).

4. BBQ Grill Set Dad
Your Daddy doesn’t grill? That’s okay, I bet your Daddy spanks you though. Sure, sure your Daddy can use these to flip the meat but this BBQ Grill Set can also be used as pervertables (regular objects turned into sex toys). Use your imagination and be safe (I don’t really want to know what you end up doing with those tongs).

5. Rosetta Stone
Buy your Daddy Rosetta Stone so he can learn the language of the country you want him to take you to. Hint, Hint, Daddy, take me to Italy and converse with the locals so I can kick back, drink wine and be pretty.

6. A Customized Poem for Daddy
I wouldn’t be writing this blog if my roommate hadn’t mentioned she was writing a ‘Daddy’ poem for Father’s Day. So, here’s a shout-out to the talented Abigail Mott who can write you a poem for your Daddy on ANY topic of your choice.

Daddy, Daddy, Oh Daddy, Oh
I like the way you
Buy me clothes

(That was my attempt, she does about a million times better.)

7. Nose and Ear Hair Trimmer
If your Daddy has been annoying you lately due to his apparent extensive aging process and deterioration get him a nose and ear trimmer to remind him how much younger you are than him.

8. Cologne
Does Daddy has a bit of old man smell to him? Give him the goods to mask it. Or just smell a bit better.

Idk if the bottle below smells good I just liked the classy look of it. My favorite is Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue… but you ‘nose’ best.

9. A fancy as fuck camera so he can take amazing pictures of you for your Instagram page
You know Daddy wants to support your social media “modeling” career, what better way than with a gift that gives back to both of you AND all of your followers.

Let me know if Daddy likes!

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Bonus! Random rant about the eggplant emoji:


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