Does Traveling Just Make You Want to Travel More?

I Do Not Miss Denver


Denver Doesn’t Miss Me

Traveling is weird. I’ve been in Florida for 9.5 days and I don’t want to go back to Denver. Clearly, Denver doesn’t want me either because it took me through a slew of “friends” to find someone able to pick me up from the airport (thank you S btw, you’re a lifesaver aka a money saver aka a good person).

People in Florida just seem way friendlier, overall, no offense Denver people, but maybe a little offense.

For example, this gentleman I met off of Tinder just a few days ago agreed to drive me to Orlando from St. Augustine (like a 2ish hour drive). Becuase he wants to spend time with me. Because I am awesome.

Sometimes I think Denver people forget that.

Let me remind you.

I am awesome.

I also have an ego and I’m not afraid to use it.

Traveling is weird. I don’t want to go back to Denver. Yet, I HAVE to go back to Denver. I’m not sure exactly WHY I have to go back to Denver, except I have a return flight already paid for and I have a house I pay rent for and friends and stuff with social obligations coming up that I’m sort of like ‘egh’ about because I’d rather be on the beach ignoring everyone.

I’d rather be on the beach thinking about nothing. Being nothing. I’d rather feel the power of the waves. I’d rather be punched in the vagina by the ocean water then go back to Denver and have to deal with the reality of my situation.

What’s my situation? My limited reality?

Oh, just that I can’t keep hiding from myself and I have you know, get back to work.

Traveling is weird. I don’t want to go back to Denver. But, I have work to do. Sometimes travel inspires you. Transforms you. Reminds you of who you are; who you want to be. Sometimes it lets you know that where you are may not be the best place for you. Sometimes it shows you possibilities of a life you could live. Or shows you what’s missing from the life you are already living.

Maybe all of those things happened.

Maybe none of them did.

All I know is traveling is weird. I’ll see you all in Denver tomorrow, you fucking assholes. Love you.

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