Weed. What Is It Good For?

It’s 420. So Puff Puff. Pass?


Get High Or Get Off The Bowl.

Weed is not my favorite drug. In fact, out of all the drugs I’ve tried (which shall remain nameless as someone who does not feel like incriminating self), I’d say it’s maybe in 8th or ninth place. I’m def into substances that make me feel more alert and weed makes me feel like an idiot most of the time. Sure, maybe I am an idiot, but I don’t want to FEEL that way if I can help it.

I think all drugs should be legalized. I also think prostitution should be legalized. Not only that, but I think our education system should be upgraded to do something called ‘teach people how to critically think.’ If we did those things then perhaps we’d all be in better places in our lives.

I know it’s crazy to imagine a world without sheep. What kind of idiot would choose to take on all the shit work that no one else wants to do if EVERYONE was educated? (IDK maybe the junkies?)

Has anyone ever thought that if we gave people a chance that perhaps these people who weren’t ever given a chance might have the intelligence to invent something that could help all of us live better lives without needing dumb people to do dumb jobs?

Of course, then the government would be overthrown over and over again and people in power don’t like their power taken away.  So yes, let’s keep a large majority barely educated and oppressed so the rich can keep staying rich and the powerful can maintain their power.

Wow. That was some digression.

Anyway. Legalize drugs. Then they won’t be as fun to do. At least legalize mushrooms and ecstasy since they can actually help people live better lives after they’ve tripped their clits off. Not speaking from experience since I am not necessarily living a “better” life. Though quitting my open-space-standing-desk-job to write a book may sound glamorous to many of you who still work at stupid desk jobs, but I’m telling you right now it’s not a SMART move.

Brave-stupid, maybe.

But at least I don’t want to kill myself anymore.


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