Can Pick Up Artist Tricks Work Without Being Sleazy?

I Use This PUA Method ALL the Time and It Works!


This one Pick Up line Could Save Your Night!

Going out on the town this weekend? Wanting to meet new people, flirt a bit, maybe even get laid?!

I’ve read a fuck-ton of dating advice books. At once point, I was actually going to write a thesis on them, but then I went into a totally different direction (music as activism, but I digress). There are major issues with the book, The Game. Mostly it teaches men how to manipulate women with low-self esteem into sleeping with them, which I find rather tasteless. Yet, there are some redeeming things about SOME of the tips and tricks.

One thing the book does well is motivate people into putting themselves out there. You’re not going to get a girl’s number if you just stare at her from across the room. If she rejects you, so what. If she doesn’t, look at that!

People don’t typically go to a bar just to drink; they go to a bar because of the possibility that something interesting could occur.

This could mean talking to new people, seeing a fight, finding the love of your life, letting go in the company of friends and strangers, connecting, flirting, observing a segment of our culture at its drunkest etc. etc.

People at bars WANT something to happen. So fuck it, why not make it happen yourself?

The method for introduction that seems to work quite often particularly when you’re with another person is “The Argument.”

Go up to a group of people that you find interesting or cute or whatever and say,

“Hi! Real quick. Can you settle this argument between me and my friend?”


“Hi. Sorry to interrupt. I’m sure you’re having a riveting conversation, but my friend and I are in a very important debate and we need help settling it! We’ll be out of your hair momentarily if you don’t mind giving us your opinion on the matter?!”

Then bring up whatever you what to argue about. I prefer to keep things light, petty if you will, like pineapple on pizza? Coke v. Pepsi? Kayne v. Jay-Z? Mariah Carey or Whitney Houston the greatest pop diva of all time? Sloths v. Mini-pigs? etc. etc.

Either they’ll be into it and you’ll have an interesting conversation, or they’ll politely answer and you’ll get the hint to go away ASAP or they’ll tell you to go away which whatever, you’ll live through it.

The Pick-Up-Artist culture suggests making sure to leave right after the debate; I think it’s a pretty good move as it gives the people you just met time to decide if they actually enjoy your company and then they will seek you out later if they indeed did.

In any event, I find this method to be a pretty good way to start a conversation and though I did learn it from The Game, it does work as a way to engage and isn’t actually harmful to other people’s self-esteem. Unless of course, you yell at it the other people for hating pineapple on their pizza, which might happen because those people are wrong.

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