What Happens After The Me Too Story?

Life continues after the Me Too and it still isn’t pretty


One Day I’ll Be Over This

You say I’m brave. Braver than the guys I like, which isn’t saying much about my bravery.

This guy who I’ve been into HARD for the last couple of weeks says to me last night ” I can’t decide whether I like you or not.”

If you have to think about it, you don’t.

Go eat a carrot!

Life goes on. It’s beautiful. It sucks. I guess I could stop it, but I’m not that brave.

Ten minutes after the guy I REALLY like ends it with me, I’m back on Tinder. It’s my typical reaction after rejection to feel wanted. I used to feel guilt around this reaction, but now I don’t give a fuck. (Or I give a fuck… if you get my drift there.)

The Morning After… Some funny sex stuff.

Yes. I want to go a little crazy for once. But I won’t. Or will I?!?

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