Go Eat A Carrot: The Beginning

Thanks for joining me!

Together we will go on an adventure into the truth. My truth. Your truth. How the truth changes.

I’ve decided to go ALL In. That is I’m going to give you my maximum truth and I want you to tell me yours, that way we can learn and grow together.

About a week ago I decided to shed my liberal label. No longer will I align with any side. Instead, I choose to be open to the possibilities. I’m here to talk and to listen. I am here to be right and wrong and maybe to somehow be right and wrong at the same time.

Here’s what I currently believe.

I believe people should be open to all perspectives while maintaining their own integrity and voice.

I believe people should enjoy the pleasures in life. If you want to have sex–have sex. If you like dick–eat more dick. If you like pussy–eat more pussy. If you like getting high and eating carrots then go eat a fucking carrot.

Shedding her liberal label
Krystal finds love and a carrot.

Shed your guilt.

Embrace the truth of who you are.

I’ve studied sexuality and relationships in school. I’ve worked at a sex toy store. I’ve gone on hundreds of tinder dates and had sex with pretty close to that same number of people. I am an expert slut–and yet I know next to nothing. The world is vast and full of so much information. But I’ll tell you I never felt freer than the moment I admitted that I liked to suck cock and could no longer align myself with the guilt of the liberal agenda.

This does not mean I am now a Republican or Conservative or Libertarian or any of that. The only thing I am is open.

Open to learn. Open to talk candidly about sex, politics, and everything & anything else I feel like talking because I’m so fucking over it.

For the next 30 days, I’m going to post at least one video a day. Somedays I may post a fuck ton. Some days I may post a video about not posting a video. Somedays I’ll have makeup on my face, other days I will not. Some days I’ll be profound and some days I’ll be stupid.

I will offend everyone at least once. Please call me out. I am not afraid of your opinion. If you get off on trolling people, troll away. I am not scared of trolls. In fact, I used to collect trolls when I was a child; the more trolls the better. Troll-on trolls. And also, fuck you.

For the last 15+ years, I’ve felt dead inside. It was only when I decided to say everything I thought because I had nothing left to lose that I finally felt alive again.

So here are my thoughts. Somethings are the truth. Other things are just my truth and the truth changes. It’s OKAY to change your mind. It’s OKAY to be wrong.

And with that. Let us carry on and begin.

The Truth Hurts. The Truth Will Set You Free. Blah Blah. Go Eat a Carrot.

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